Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chicken Nuggets with Sesame Seed

My all family like these nuggets every time.You can give your children at school lunch time.With sesame these nuggets become crispy and tasty.These nuggets are for 4 serving and will be ready in 30 minutes.

  • Chicken minced 1/2 kg.
  • Soy sauce 1 table spoon.
  • Bread 1 slice.
  • Salt 1 tea spoon.
  • Egg 1.
  • Black pepper 1 tea spoon.
  • Bread crumbs for coating.
  • Sesame seed 1 tea spoon.
How to make:-
  1. Mix soy sauce,salt,black pepper,bread 1 slice and marinate the minced.
  2. Make the shape of nuggets of all the minced.
  3. Beat the eggs and mix in the sesame seed.
  4. Dip the nuggets in the egg,then roll in the bread crumbs.
  5. Heat the oil and fry them golden each side.
Serve with ketchup :-

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