Saturday, 8 November 2014

Carnival Themed Fruit Cake


  • 1pack of strawberry jelly
  • Rafhan custard 4 cup any flavor.
  • Chocolate cake cut in to slices.
  • Whipped cream 1 cup.
  • Banana 2 cut in to slices.
  • Apple 1 cut in to slices.
  • Strawberry sliced 1 cup.
  • Mango 1 cut in sliced.
How to make;-
  1. Set rafhan jelly in to a dish.
  2. Take a serving bowl and layer with the chocolate cake slice.
  3. Top the cake base with the freshly sliced of banana,apple,mango and strawberry.
  4. Follow by topping rafhan vanilla custard over the fruit.
  5. Again set a layer of cake slice,then fruit and top with rafhan custard.
  6. Finally layer the jelly and decorate with the whipped cream and chill for three hours.
Serve cool;-

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