Sunday, 15 May 2016

Blochi Ran Roast Easy Recipe


1.Meat lamb 1-1/2 kg.
2.Yogurt 1cup.
3.Vinegar 1/2 cup.
4.Salt 1-1/2 tea spoon.
5.Red pepper powder 1 table spoon.
6.Garam masala 1 table spoon.
7.Coriander powder 1table spoon.
8.OLive oil 1/4 cup.
9.Chopped onion 2.
10.Chopped garlic 1tea spoon.
11.Chopped ginger 1table spoon.
12.Chopped green chili 1table spoon.

How to cook:-

1 Make the cut on the lamb with sharp knife.
2 Marinade the lamb with salt and vinager and leave for 2 hours.
3 Take a bowl and mix yogurt,red pepper,garam masala,coriander powder,onion,garlic and ginger,green chili.
4 Paste the lamb with this batter and place in fredge overnight.
5 Grease the baking tray and bake the lamb on 300 degree for 50-60 minutes or until it tander.
6 Sprinkle over the chat masala.

Serve with mint yogurt and naan.

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